• Mostnica Gorge

    Mostnica, Stara Fužina, Radovljica, Slovenia .

    Mostnica is an Alpine river with gorges and waterfalls, which show the magnificent nature in all its glory all through the Voje valley all the way to Stara Fužina village. Explore the wonderful world that is available at the tip of your fingers and enjoy in a walk through the scenting forest accompanied by the singing of birds and the murmur of this Alpine river.

  • Savica Waterfall

    Slap Savica, Ukanc, Radovljica, Slovenia .

    The Savica runs over 38 m long level and falls almost 51 m deep. Total difference in height is 78 m. Another smaller waterfall also falls 25 m deep. Both waterfalls together form the two-part waterfall in the shape of the letter A. Right after the pool, which is artificially supported, is a small dam.

  • Triglav

    Triglav, Trenta, Tolmin, Slovenia .

    Mount Triglav, the summit of Slovenia (2864m), in the heart of a beautiful National Park.

  • Triglav National Park

    Triglav National Park, Stara Fužina, Radovljica, Slovenia .

    Triglav National Park

    The Triglav National Park (TNP) is the only Slovenian national park. The park was named after Triglav, the highest mountain in the heart of the park, which is also the highest summit in Slovenia (2864 m). The origin of the name Triglav is rather uncertain. Triglav (»three-headed«) owes its name to its characteristic shape as seen from the south-east side or to the highest Slavic deity who was supposed to have its throne on the top of the mountain. The mountain is a true national symbol and is featured on the national coat of arms and the flag. 

    The Triglav National Park extends along the Italian border and close to the Austrian border in the north-west of Slovenia, that is, in the south-eastern section of the Alps. Its territory is nearly identical with that occupied by the Eastern Julian Alps. The park covers 880 square kilometres, or 3% of the territory of Slovenia. The Triglav National Park is among the earliest European parks; the first protection dates back to 1924 when the Alpine Conservation Park was founded. The principal task of the Triglav National Park Public Institution is the protection of the park, but it also carries out specialist and research tasks.

  • Alpine Dairy Farming Museum

    Stara Fužina, Slovenia .

    Get an insight into the life of herdsmen in the Bohinj's pastures in an authentic environment displaying artefacts, photos and other material. The Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming presents the story of herding and alpine dairy farming in Bohinj as a way of life and coexistence with nature in an alpine environment.

  • Oplen House in Studor

    Studor v Bohinju, Slovenia .

    When exploring Bohinj, the best way to get familiar with a certain topic is to visit one of the museums. Oplen House or Oplenova hiša in the village of Studor is one of them, providing a fascinating insight into life in Bohinj years ago.

  • Aqua Park Bohinj

    Triglavska cesta 17, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia .

    Swimming pools

    Aquapark Bohinj is open everyday of the year from 9 AM to 9 PM.

    In Aquapark Bohinj you can enjoy:

    • Attractive recreation swimming pool
    • Swimming pool for children
    • Two whirlpools
    • Two toboggan slides
    • Wild river
    • Numerous massage nozzles
    • Musical cave and a cave for lovers
    • Two climbing walls - for adults above the water and for youngest by the children's swimming pool
    • Island
    • External terrace for sun tanning

    Many animation programs are occasionally taking place in the swimming pool complex.

  • Lake Bohinj

    Lake Bohinj, Municipality of Bohinj, Radovljica, Slovenia .

    Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Nested in the heart of the Julian Alps, this jewel is a precious natural resource and at the same time offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

  • Viewpoints Pec and Rudnica

    Peč, Rudnica - Bohinj .

    It is a fantastic location for short hike and perfect for photographers. You can enrich the trip by extending it to Rudnica.

    It takes about fifteen minutes on foot to reach the view point (from Lev’s concrete bridge in Stara Fužina), which adds up to an altitude difference of about 200 metres. On the way, we can also enjoy the view of Stara Fužina.

    If you would like to extend your trip, take the marked trail to Rudnica. You will walk along a tended forest path, which, occasionally, widens into a forest road. It takes about one hour at a leisurely pace to reach the peak of Rudnica. While walking, you will get many opportunities to enjoy a view of Stara Fužina and Lake Bohinj.